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Nemo Halperin
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Nemo Halperin This is the first release from WAYout's project to give youths in Freetown in Sierra Leone access to music production facilities. Support and feedback to help these kids to grow. Favorite track: Sumper Na.
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    The first compilation made from the first ever recording sessions at WAYout's new recording studio, supported by the Strummerville Foundation, set up in memory of Joe Strummer.
    Featuring sessions from street youth from the Black Street Family, Osman, the iEARN crew, the band Super Combo, and the youth theatre group Africa Youth Circle.
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    All money raised from downloads of this album go back to WAYout, the work we do in Sierra Leone supprting street youth and disadvantaged groups, and the artists that recorded the tracks.
    Please download, pay and donate to WAYout, support our work and the new artists in Sierra Leone.
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    Super Combo used to be known Africa Combo, and were founded in 1987. Super Combo consists of eight band players. They play traditional music of their culture, and are keen to get the young people more interested in and familiar with the traditional sounds. Five of the band currently work as prison officers in the national prison.
    Black Street Family is about 800 young people who live on the streets in the centre of Freetown. They age between 5 years old and 35. Black Street Family have 16 main members - the 'pillar members' who head their branches, and each of these pillar members have about 50 'ordinary' members under him.
    Leader Shargwan has himself lived on the streets for about 13 years now - due to issues with his step mother, blaming him all the time of stealing, so he left for the streets, only returning two years later when he heard his father had died. Since then, Shargwan has been on the street.
    One day he decided to formed a group - Black Street Soljas. However, a few years later, they start fighting themselves, so Shargwan changed the name to Black Street Family, and then all the fighting stops. 
    Some of their branches, named after the areas the street kids live, include Friends of the Dead (at a grave yard situated around the stadium); Sand Ground (at a place where they sell sand); and Under The Bridge.
    These are names and biog of the artiste that sang on the black street album.
    Geezy Nel: was about seven years old when he comes down to Freetown, during the war, where he lost both parents. When he came to Freetown there was no place for him to go but the market, there he met with Black Street.
    Two Pound: was about 5 years old when he joined the Family. His mother died when she was giving birth to him. He came to join them because there was no food at the house. He started coming to the street everyday where people felt sorry for him and gave him food to eat - so one day he decided not to go home any more.
    Dialo: because his friends were the Black Street Family, his parent started calling him a thief and pushed him out of the house.
    Milla Deri: came from Conakry with five of his friends - three of them are dead now, two of them had gone mad, Milla is the only one that is left with the Family.
    Budget: is a 'rich kid' that stays with his family and goes to a good school. But at the same time the Black Street Family are his friends, so everyday after school come down so see them.  
    Shikdiboom: is from Conakry from a gang group called Black Muslim. He came to Freetown for a resettlement program, which subsequently failed, so he deiced to join the Family.
    Lil Drama: dropped out from school because he failed to progress to the next class - as a result he was kicked out of home. Now he is the head of the Under The Bridge group.   
    X Y Z: he was with his parents going to school, and then he went and join a click called Gun Killers. His parents were not happy and tried to talk to him - he wouldn't listen, so they kicked him out. He ended up with the Family.
    Fal Gee: he is from Kono, about 200km from capital city Freetown. He lost both parents during the war, so he was staying with his aunt, but all off his friends were from the streets, so he formed a group. His family were not happy, so they 'through a spell on him'. Fal Gee was very sick, and when he recovered he fled from his aunts to come to Freetown, where he met the Black Street Family.
    Osman, 16 years old, has been in the street for about six years. He was brought down to the city by his uncle for schooling when he was seven. However, his uncle past away, and no-one could afford his school fees. His uncle's wife started sending him to sell water, but one day after his earnings were stolen, he decided not to go home fearing the beating from his aunt. Osman sings and raps, but at the moment he sleeps at the park or on market tables.
    IEARN is a charitable organisation that WAYout has been partnered with since its inception in 2006. iEARN support street and disadvantanged youth into education and positive activities.
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This is a compilation of tracks from the first few studio sessions, following the launch of the WAYout Hub in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and the building of the WAYout Music Studio, supported by Strummerville.

The WAYout Studio is part of the WAYout Creative Hub, set up in Freetown, Sierra Leone, by the charity WAYout to help street children and disadvantaged young people access the arts, film and music; provide professional training in the creative industries; empowering them through getting their voices heard and providing support into paid employment.


released August 5, 2012

Black Street Family, Super Combo, Osman, iEARN, Africa Youth Circle, James Adams, and all the volunteers that supported the studio sessions



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WAYout Records London, UK

WAYout is an innovative, international, youth led charity with a clear goal to support conflict-affected young people and street youth. WAYout promotes artistic freedom, education and empowerment.

WAYout Records has been set up following WAYout's Music Studio launch in 2012, to help promote and circulate the music made by our students. All money raised goes back to WAYout's projects and students.
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